I AM...


I have worked with top doctors and health care specialists in many areas of practice over the span of my 30-year clinical career.
My experience includes positions at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and at HealthPartners, the University of Minnesota, and Lakeview Hospital in the St. Paul-Minneapolis metro area.

TRust worthy

My practice is evidence-based and uses HIPPA-compliant platforms with your privacy in mind.


I LOVE all things nutrition and know how to evaluate the research and translate it into practical tips you can use! I keep current on hot topics and nutrition trends so I can answer your burning questions.


Believing that everyone has different needs and goals, I develop individualized nutrition action plans with every client I see. One size does not fit all!


I wanted to be a dietitian ever since I took a career exploration class in high school- a long time ago! My favorite classes were chemistry, biology, and foods & nutrition; my wise guidance counselor suggested dietetics and there was no turning back!

I developed a special interest in diabetes after volunteering at a Kids with Diabetes camp during college. This interest became an expertise area early in my career, and I worked diligently to meet the requirements of becoming a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES). I maintain this specialized certification through continuing education and practice.

Over a decade ago, I was one of the first dietitians in the area to incorporate the low FODMAP diet in the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and to use a dietitianapproved food sensitivity test (MRT) as a tool to help identify symptom triggers. Personal and family GI issues fueled my interest in gut health. I’m fascinated with recent research on the gut microbiome and its relationship to wholebody health. I am also interested in the way that the gut and brain communicate with and affect each other. Since my father’s heartbreaking journey with Lewy Body Dementia, I have done a deep dive into nutrition and lifestyle treatments for the prevention of cognitive decline and dementia. I discovered great hope through Dr. Dale Bredesen’s published research, and RECODE/PRECODE protocols. Contact me for more information!

Managing symptoms, discovering root cause or triggers behind them, and eliminating them to the best of our ability are the goals I strive for in my own life as well as in my clients’ lives. My goal is to help you reach a state of thriving health!

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